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4 Days - 3 Nights

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Daily Tour

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A 3-night camel trek in Morocco is one of the best places for camel trekking in Morocco. It’s for people looking to experience the magic of the Sahara and live in the desert for days like nomads.

This trek will let you spend lots of time enjoying Morocco’s beautiful sunsets. You will also see its sunrises. You can admire the starry sky and do activities like sandboarding, buggy or ATV quad biking. You’ll also visit a Berber nomad family and learn about their desert way of life.

Join us for a Merzouga 3 Nights camel ride. It will be a life-changing adventure in the Moroccan Sahara desert.


  • 3-night camel trek in Morocco
  • Experience the magic of the Sahara
  • Live in the desert like nomads
  • Enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises
  • Admire the starry sky
  • Sandboarding experience over sand dunes of erg chebbi
  • Visit a Berber nomad family
  • Learn about desert way of life
  • Life-changing adventure in the Moroccan Sahara desert

Day 1

First day: your 3-night Merzouga camel trekking will start after you arrive at our hotel in Merzouga. You will leave your car in the hotel's safe parking.

Then, you will pack what you need for the evenings in the sahara desert camp. Our 3-night camel trekking tour in Morocco will start in the late afternoon. It will start about two hours before dark. It will take you deep into the middle of the sahara

The trek lasts about an hour and a half. It gives you the chance to see one of Morocco's most beautiful sunsets. If you're interested in sandboarding, you'll take a break in the Sahara. You'll take photos and admire the landscapes until sunset.

Then we'll head to the camp for an overnight stay in luxury tents. local guide he will welcome you with a glass of mint tea. You can relax until dinnertime.

After dinner, there will be Berber drum music around the fire. Then, there will be stargazing and spend the night in your private tent .

Day 2

Second day: We recommend waking up early to catch the sunrise over the dunes, which looks very amazing! After breakfast, we'll walk for a couple of hours to our next destination for our desert trip . We'll stop for lunch at a little oasis in the heart of the dunes.

You will spend the second night at a Berber Nomad family's camp. There, you can enjoy traditional meals and spend an even

Day 3

Third day: We'll get up early to see the sunrise. Then, we'll have breakfast and a 1.5 - 2 hour camel ride deeper into the desert to the campsite. Guests will enjoy a Moroccan lunch and mint tea in the shade of a desert tree, with plenty of time to rest among the dunes.

After watching the sunset, the evening will include a tasty, traditional dinner. There will be comfortable beds for everyone.

Day 4

Fourth day: . The next day is worth getting up early to watch the sunrise. You can take a couple beautiful pictures. Then, have a delicious breakfast and shower at the camp.

After that, you will camel trek back to the start. Or, we can take you from the camp to the Merzouga village.

  • Free parking for your car at hotel
  • A place at our guests where you can leave your luggage and take a shower
  • Camel per person
  • 2 Nights stay at private tent desert luxury camp
  • 1 Night Nomad’s home in the desert
  • Dinner x 3
  • Breakfast x 3
  • Lunch x 2
  • Moroccan mint tea
  • A bottle of water
  • Sandboarding experience in sahara dunes
  • Experienced local guides

Multi day


Tour's Location

Where the 3 nights Camel trip start and end?
Can I do the Sandboarding in Merzouga desert?
How long is the camel trek?
Are the tents private or shared at desert camp?
Can I go to the camp without riding the Camels?
Is my luggage safe during my stay in the Sahara desert?
Are there towels and toilet paper at the camp?
Is there electricity at the desert camp?


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Very Good
3 nights camel trek morocco
Jarmo Nurminen

A Journey Through sahara desert morocco camel trekking

My overnight stay desert trip in Merzouga was a journey back in time. We rode camels through the sahara desert camp . We arrived at a traditional camp. Unmatched warmth of hospitality radiated The food was amazing. The play drums was vibrant. The night sky was a breathtaking canvas of stars. A truly unique and desert experience.
3 nights camel trek morocco
Carola Ojala

amazing camel ride over Sahara Desert

Trading city life for the vastness of the Sahara was an incredible adventure. Our 3-night camel trip in Merzouga took us deep into the desert. There, we learned about the traditional Berber way of life. Evenings at the camp were full of laughter and the rhythmic beat of drums. They created an unforgettable atmosphere.
3 nights camel trek morocco
Shelby McClure

Top merzouga camel ride experience

My 3 nights camel trekking in Merzouga was pure magic! We rode majestic camels through the golden dunes. We arrived at a luxurious desert camp that felt like a dream. Private tents with plush beds awaited. The evenings had tasty meals. They also had traditional Berber music with drumming. And they had stargazing under the inky black sky.
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