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overnight camel trekking merzouga


1 Day - 1 Night

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Daily Tour

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1 person


English, Espanol, Francais

The Overnight camel trekking merzouga is a trip to the Sahara Desert. Everyone should try it at least once. It is unforgettable. The scenery and sights are ones most people will only see in movies. Merzouga’s camel ride is Morocco’s most popular. It includes a night in a private nomad-style tent in the golden Erg Chebbi dunes.

This 1 -night camel trek in Merzouga includes camel riding. You’ll see a gorgeous sunset and wake up to a wonderful sunrise. You can also try sandboarding. This comfortable camp offers breakfast. Your guide organizes hotel pickup. They make it unforgettable and handle the details. You can rest with Berber hospitality.


  • Overnight camel trekking in Merzouga desert , a journey to the Sahara Desert.
  • Unforgettable experience, everyone should try at least once. ( overnight camel trip )
  • Enjoy the stargazing in sand dunes .
  • Merzouga's camel ride, Morocco's most popular.
  • Night in a private desert camp in golden Erg Chebbi dunes.
  • 1-night camel trek includes camel riding.
  • Witness gorgeous sunset and sunrise.
  • Opportunity for sandboarding.
  • Comfortable camp with dinner & breakfast provided .
  • Rest assured with Berber hospitality.

Late Evening: start to embark on camel ride in the heart dunes - Spend night in desert camp

We'll meet at our hotel in Merzouga village. You'll park your car in secure parking and pack for the evening in the desert. The trek will start in the late afternoon, about 2 hours before sunset, and take you into the dunes.

The trek lasts about an hour and a half. It gives you the chance to see one of Morocco's most beautiful sunsets. If you're interested in sandboarding, you'll stop in the Sahara. There, you'll take pictures and enjoy the views. You'll do this until the sun goes down. Then, head to the camp, where someone will greet you with mint tea. We are Berbers. We can give you the most typical evening in the desert. It includes real food, music, and huge tents for everyone. The next day, we recommend getting up before it gets light to see a magnificent sunrise across the dunes. After these fun times, you will eat a great breakfast. Then, you will shower at the camp. After that, you will ride the camels back to the start. Or, you can go from the camp to the village by car if you do not want to ride the camels anymore. and your 1 night camel trekking will be ended here :)

  • Free parking for your car ( If you have one )
  • A place at our guests where you can leave your luggage and take a shower
  • Camel ride experience
  • Overnight stay in a private tent
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Moroccan mint tea
  • A bottle of water
  • Sandboarding experience in dunes
  • Lunches
  • Drinks

Full day (7+ hours)


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What happens if there is bad weather during the overnight camel trek?
Are there opportunities to take photos of the sunset and sunrise on the camel trek?
What is the best time of year to go on an overnight camel trek in Merzouga?
How long is the typical overnight camel trekking experience in Merzouga?
What is included in the price of the overnight camel trekking tour in Merzouga?


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Very Good
overnight camel trekking merzouga
Beverly T. Cook

Unforgettable camel ride experience in our Morocco desert tours

Exploring Merzouga on an overnight camel ride was an absolute dream come true! The Merzouga Desert Camp offered the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. The night camel ride through the vast desert was magical. The campfire added to the mood. Merzouga's desert activities, including camel riding tours, made our trip truly unforgettable. I highly recommend seeing the beauty of the Merzouga area. You can do this with a stay at Merzouga Desert Camp!
overnight camel trekking merzouga
Hallie R. Burns

Fantastic popular camel riding tours and 4x4 off road experience

Our experience with Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp exceeded all expectations! The overnight camel ride was an unforgettable adventure. It let us immerse in the beauty of the Merzouga desert. The camp's hospitality and amenities were top-notch, ensuring a comfortable stay. The trip had it all: fun camel rides and lots of desert activities. A must-visit destination for anyone seeking authentic Moroccan desert tours!
overnight camel trekking merzouga
Berneice J. Hawk

Top overnight camel trekking experience & merzouga desert activities

Booking an overnight camel ride in Merzouga was the highlight of our trip! The journey through the mesmerizing desert landscape of Merzouga was breathtaking. The Merzouga Desert Camp provided exceptional service, making our stay comfortable and memorable. The night camel ride was surreal, under the star-studded sky. Highly recommend this experience for anyone visiting the area!
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